Product description

A furnace that heat treats one load at a time. Furnaces that carry out more than one process, such as sealed quench furnaces with their heating and cooling chambers, may have a batch in each chamber. These are sometimes referred to as semi-continuous furnaces. We offer batch-type operating furnaces for reheating and heat treatment processes in the steel industry. The thermal process demands and requirements (temperature, productivity, etc.) are decisive for the furnace design. In batch-type furnaces, the positioning of the charging material during the thermal process always remains the same. Furnace construction type and furnace charging depend on the process conditions and infrastructure of the respective production location. The temperatures of the batch-operated furnaces depend on the treatment time. Thus, a precise knowledge of charging temperature according to location and time is required to achieve short process times, high production performance, and constant and reproducible product quality.

Construction: Batch type Furnace has a Horizontal swing door. One-piece muffle.
Insulation: Multilayer insulation. Interior in ceramic fiber and refractory bricks.
Aeration: Rear exhaust.
Heating: Heating muffle. Heating interruption on door opening.
Electricity: Single-phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
Regulation: Selec PID temperature controller.
Documentation: CE marking and operating instructions in English.
Delivered with: Exhaust plug, metal sole.

Options Available On Requests

Select temperature programmer, additional metal or ceramic sole, shop table, personal protective equipment, extended warranty.


Model Item codeInt. Vol. (L)Int. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm)Ext. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm)Power (kW)Weight (kg)
RI 1100-10N113549.5210 x 145 x 320500 x 650 x 6503.583







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