Product description

Ceramic Heaters Infrared Heaters are by a firmly burnt-in heating coil to deliver maximum heat energy. Highly heatproof resistance wires have been used to protect the equipment from damage and the resistance of the heater remains constant over the varied temperature range. Ceramic heaters can take a variety of form factors to handle specific kinds of applications. However, there are also advanced ceramic heaters that have a different kind of heating elements. The heating element is often described as a “resistor trace” of the deposited material.

While infrared heaters cannot cause cancer, it is also important to know whether they can pollute the indoor air. Indoor pollution is more dangerous than outdoor pollution as people spend most of their time inside the house. Infrared also does not produce carbon monoxide, greenhouse gases, or any other toxic gases.


Heaters offer manufacturers, alongside distinctive product features, the benefits of a custom-made solution that is tailor-made to specific requirements. In the long run, we offer our clients a real cost reduction and the utmost efficiency. We offer customers ways to save time and money in their manufacturing process as well as high effectiveness and durability.

We are producers of the best quality infrared heaters. The latest technology and in-depth research have gone into making equipment with the quality standard that fulfils the customers’ needs. The quality glaze used in the heater has excellent radiation properties leading to very high radiation efficiency.


• Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming
• PVC Pipe belling and socketing
• Hot stamping
• Heat Therapy
• Shrink Packaging


• Material used does not oxidize resulting in cleaner surface and no wear out
• Coil is placed in a ceramic material and can be placed in any position







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