Product description

1. This oven made of high quality stainless steel to fulfil the elegant and practical appearance. It is compact in size, high efficient in baking, which make it as the necessary machine for the Bakery stores.

2. This oven is equipped with blower devices, the high pressure hot air will keep blowing into the oven through the air blow passages. The hot air blowing skill can lock the moisture of the food, which can make the bakery product much tasteful.

3. The side panels can be open for clean. And the ovens can be also stacked up during the working, to save the space.

4. The conveyor chain can be moved forward and backward, the food will leave the chain automatically when it is done.

5. The conveyor chain is supported by a three layers of intensive supporting frame, stress evenly applied. The oven also equipped with the high quality of nylon gears, it is durable and silent, and with smooth running.


Conveyor-Bakery-Oven manufacturer


Fule Electric Gas(LPG)
Voltage3N 380v 50hz 220v 50hz 3kw
Power consumption 12kw 0.42m3(LPG) or 0.95m3(NG)
Conveyor belt width47.8cm 47.8cm 
temperature range 100-280C100-280C
size 1500 x 945 x 470mm1500 x 945 x 470 mm
weight 127 kg 132kg 







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