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Construction: Monobloc type Oven. Interior in aluminium and exterior in the galvanised plate. Insulation: Rock wool insulation of all surfaces, including the door. Ventilation: Adjustable horizontal ventilation, and adjustable exhaust.


A furnace that heat treats one load at a time. Furnaces that carry out more than one process, such as sealed quench furnaces with their heating and cooling chambers, may have a batch in each chamber. These are sometimes referred to as semi-continuous furnaces. 

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Control Panel

Power Control Center PCC are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. Perfect Products (India) is widely known for premium quality PCC panels designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications. Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.

Equipment & Accessories

Immersion Heaters are a fast and efficient way of heating up various liquid solutions in processing equipment, as well as in large tanks through the use of tank  heaters. Heating up liquids using direct heat transfer allows for the liquid medium to quickly reach the desired temperature using electric heating elements such as flanged heaters, screw plug heater, over the side heaters or immersion water heaters.

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Food & Agro

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is widely used in freeze drying fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, sea food, coffee, tea, flowers, pet food, pharmaceuticals, herbals, biological products, chemical products, all kinds of mixed liquids and new materials. In one word, freeze dryer could be used for freeze drying all kinds of products.

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we are a leader in management complete is direct of every phase of the cycle of development, testing supports to the customer. A point of reference to level international in the sector of the treatment thermal gods metals is in the industry of the heating. 

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