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Air heaters are devices used to heat air. They include forced air products as well as all types of radiant and space heaters. Forced air products moderate and control air temperature by circulating air past a heat source with a fan or blower.

As the air current flows through the heater it absorbs thermal energy and then exits the heater at an elevated temperature. Radiant heaters operate by radiating heat from a point source, heating the objects near that point source.

The temperature differential causes a free flowing convection cycle to form, which in turn heats the surrounding air mass. Space heaters are self-contained devices that can operate by either of the aforementioned methods.

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• The method of heat transfer may be used to describe the heater, but it is independent of the application.

• Air heaters may be used for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

• Residential and commercial air heaters are primarily used for HVAC systems and room or space heating.

• Industrial applications include calcining, drying, melting, preheating and other chemical processes.

• These are used in a variety of packaging, automotive, plastics, rubber, textile, and electronics applications. 

• They are used to cure adhesives, de-flash moulded parts, weld plastic or vinyl fabrics, and dry ink.

• In the semiconductor industry, air heaters are used in preheating process gases, soldering lead frames, wafer and PC board drying, and heat shrinking wire insulation.







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