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Food Vacuum Dryer Machine:
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is widely used in freeze drying fruits, vegetables, meals, meat, sea food, coffee, tea, flowers, pet food, pharmaceuticals, herbals, biological products, chemical products, all kinds of mixed liquids and new materials. In one word, freeze dryer could be used for freeze drying all kinds of products. Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine is a kind of drying equipment to remove moisture from food products. The quality of finished product is the best compared to other drying methods.

Working Principle of Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine:
By principle of sublimation, the complete frozen product is heated in a vacuum condition of drying chamber. The ice in the product becomes vapor directly, no melting in the procedure. The vapor in the sealed chamber is condensed by vapor condenser on which temperature is much lower. So the vapor gets frosted soon and accumulated on the surface of vapor condenser. Continuously the moisture in the product is removed to vapor condenser, finally the product is dried, and the vapor condenser is full of ice. At the end of a freeze drying cycle, the ice will be melted by water which called defrosting.


Model Name/NumberR-10 
Automation GradeAutomatic 
Power SourceElectric 
Voltage 340 V 
Frequency Hertz50/60 Hz 
PhaseThree Phase 
Capacity500 Kg/Day 







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