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All our Customized Heating Solution are built to order using the highest quality materials and production methods, all while conforming to international standards such as ISO and BAM.

No company has more experience designing custom electric process heating solutions for your needs than Valin. Our Thermal Solutions and Automation team can carefully consider your design requirements to deliver a system that will perform.

Don’t waste time and energy using rosebuds to heat large areas or specially shaped surfaces. Whether it is for flame hardening, pre- or post-weld heating, straightening, or fusing surface materials, call or email us to find out how we can build a heating solution to maximize your productivity and give you dependable and repeatable results today.

Customized heating solution manufacturer

Flexible heaters are used in multiple industries. The greatest advantage of these heaters is their durability and precision. This allows manufacturers to design and produce custom flexible heating elements to meet specific requirements per industry requirements and regulations.

The ovens find application in almost all industries whether it’s rubber, plastic, wood, food, pharmaceutical or dealing with various metals, the heating/drying need of these industrial verticals are different from each other. Even sometimes standard heating/drying or cooling system which is best suited for one process may not fit into another process need both commercial and operational need hence the customized heating system or customized heating solution has became demand of situation .


• Heated Mixer Kettles
• Custom Heated Insulation Jackets
• Heated Valve Boxes
• Heated Instrument Closures
• Hot Oil Systems
• Hot Water/Glycol Water System







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