Product description

The heating media used is an Oil Gas Fired Ovens burner attached to the heat exchanger. These are widely used in the automotive industry besides various other industries .

Industrial Uses

Industrial gas fired ovens are widely used in various industries such as food production, electronics, chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and automotive. Industrial oil fired ovens are basically heated chambers that are used for various industrial applications such as baking, curing, and drying parts, components or various products. These can be used for small or big volume applications, continuously with conveyor lines, in batches, and a range of different configurations, sizes, and temperatures.

More often than not, Industrial gas-fired ovens are used in other applications such as food productions, chemical processing, and electronics companies where circuit boards are run through the conveyor oven to attach the surface mount components.


• It is similar to an Electrical belt Conveyor Oven but oil/gas fired heat exchangers as heating media instead of electrical heating elements.

• The total fuel consumption varies depending upon the size of working chamber & the working temperature.

• Saves running cost as compared to electrical conveyor oven.

• The air circulation is done with the help of dynamically balanced blowers to achieve uniform temperature throughout the inner chamber.

•  Fully automatic imported burners are fitted on the heat exchanger for burning of Oil/ LPG.

•  Temperature control: Automatic-Electronic.

•  Heating Media: Diesel or LPG fired.

•  Easy to operate requires minimum training.







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