Product description

Drying Chamber is a solid aluminum block that surrounds inserted tubes to guarantee sustained hot temperatures.

The company not only pays attention to the performance of the drying equipment but also e drying technology. The experience of manufacturing wood drying chamber equipment for many years as well as the practice at wood drying tell us: drying technology is as important as drying equipment. If drying equipment has been defined, drying technology will play an essential role in drying quality.

Drying Chamber technology is the most difficult and most important factor for wood drying, especially for the hardwood that is difficult to dry. It has been the common understanding of domestic and international wood drying experts. Our company′s experts and proffers have summarized a set of advanced and practical wood drying technology, by the reference of foreign advanced drying technology, as well as by combining much years′ wood drying scientific results and the experience of practical use. Wood drying is an important link during wood processing and its quality directly concerns with woodwork quality, which is realized by more and more entrepreneurs. 

The quality of wood drying mainly depends on drying equipment and drying technology. Only by utilizing advanced drying equipment and complemented with scientific and rational drying technology, can it guarantee high-quality and fast drying result. By learning the experience of manufacturing wood drying equipment at European developed countries such as Italy and Germany etc, as well as combining the real situation of our country′s wood dying, our company has developed the domestic leading wood drying equipment, applying the latest micro-electronic technology as well as choosing imported components from America-Europe and components produced with American-European technology. For wood less researched, our company would provide the drying technology to customers after tested at our laboratory with the automatically controlled wood drying testing equipment.

Ordering the Complete Cool
Safe Systems

Each complete Hot Safe System includes :

1 Hot Safe box with lid, 1 Hot Chamber and 2 Hot Bricks (1°C & -10°C)


 61950-10For 0.2ml PCR plates or tubes96each326.00 
 61950-20For 0.5 ml tubes91each326.00 
 61950-30For 1.5 ml tubes48each282.00 
 61950-31For 1.2 ml Cryogenic tubes32each400.00 
 61950-32For 2.0 ml Cryogenic tubes32each400.00 
 61950-40For 1.5 ml Cryogenic tubes55each282.00 







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