Product description

We offer Mesh belt Conveyorized oven, which is an electrically & Gas heated conveyor oven. These consist of various zones in where in same temperature can be provided in the zones along the path of the belt. Curing conveyor oven operates in a continuous manner.  The curing oven chamber is divided into two (2) individual zones of control to allow more flexibility for the process requirements. The oven is used to cure silver epoxy or encapsulant on aluminium product used in the manufacturing of capacitors. 

The oven utilizes a 1′-8″ conveyor extension on the entrance of the oven and a 1′-5″Conveyorized extension on the exit end of the oven for loading and unloading product. The conveyor belt is 32″ wide and product is loaded in rows, three (3) wide, across the width of the belt. The maximum operating temperature of the curing conveyor oven is 221 degrees F. A pre heat section is included prior to the heated chamber to allow the product to begin the curing.


  • Control panels are provide on each zone and also a common control panel can be provided as per the client’s requirement
  • Fans/blowers are incorporated in each zone for air circulation and uniform temperature
  • Products are places on the belt on loading side of the oven & unloaded from the other side

System Advantages For Automotive Suppliers

  • Provides in line manufacturing
  • Allows for multiple parts to be loaded in the same row across the conveyor belt, reducing the required floor space for the curing operation
  • Oven processes 1,300 parts per hour in full production

Horizontal Oven Curling System Features

  • The oven is gas heated
  • Includes forced air cooling section
  • Closed loop temperature control in two independent zones of heating


Air-Flow DirectionVertical Down Airflow, Horizontal Air Flow, Duel Air Flow
Capacity0-100 Kg, 100-500 Kg, 500-1000 Kg, 1000-2000 Kg, 2000-3000 Kg, >3000 kg
ModelPrime Oven Conveyor







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