Product description

Well engineered, Precision Fabrication & tooling is the key to quality stamped parts. At Indian Industrial Company, we operate a state of the art, in house tool making facility that ensures we not only have control of tool making, but of the entire manufacturing process. This facility is equipped to build dies from 6″ up to 85″ in length, all to tolerances of ±0.001″, and with our advanced knowledge of metallurgy, we can select the optimal die material. This includes various tool grade steels and pre hardened metals. This allows us to optimize costs by using die material that is matched to the run size and geometrical requirements. Die stamping is a cold forming operation that does not apply direct heat to the die or sheet material that is being processed. Our team at Precision Tool is dedicated to serving you. We’ll be there to help from the beginning of your order to delivery and beyond. Our staff is proficient in assisting you with your specific application.
We recognize that each customer has different need’s and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the individual requirements of each customer. However, since friction is generated within the manufacturing process the stamped parts are often hot when removed from the machine.  Tempco’s tool builders are second to none and can help you determine what tooling or fixtures are best used to produce your product and save you costs without compromising quality or function. We can handle even the most complex of metal stamping or fabricating jobs. In addition, Tempco Manufacturing maintains and replaces non-permanent dies without charge to our customers. In addition, we update the dies to eliminate obsolescence. Tooling storage is always free of charge.







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